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Leaps of Faith with Angela Engel, Founder of The Collective Book Studio The Mom's Career Guide

Meet Angela Engel.   Founder of The Collective Book Studio and Mom of three!On this week's episode, Angela shares her amazing story of how she built a successful career in the corporate publishing world.  She then discusses how she transitioned into entrepreneurship after the birth of her third child to eventually found The Collective Book Studio.Her story is real, inspirational, and fun to listen to.  Chatting with Angela is like sharing stories with an old friend, and she offers up so many nuggets of wisdom that all moms can learn from and be inspired by. If you've ever considered taking a leap of faith in your own career towards entrepreneurship, this week's episode will have you jumping in with both feet! @themomscareerguide@thecollectivebookstudio 
  1. Leaps of Faith with Angela Engel, Founder of The Collective Book Studio
  2. Great Expectations – How to avoid setting yourself up for disappointment and resentment.
  3. Getting Spring Ready with Professional Organizer, Bonnie Barrios
  4. Mama Mental Health Check, with Kaitlin Soule, LMFT
  5. From Individual to Empire – A conversation with author and branding expert, Laura Bull
  6. A Working Mom’s Journey to Become Whole, with Erin Erenburg, Founder of Totum Women and Totum Talks
  7. The Inspiration File with Cinda Boomershine. How she built a global brand and then stepped away to focus on motherhood.
  8. Getting Organized with professional organizer, Liz Oliver
  9. Real Mom Talk and All the Things, with Meredith Huck
  10. "It takes a Villyge" with Founder and CEO of Villyge, Debi Yadegari
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